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BISS Ch. Kai Den's Sight To Sea, JH (blk/y)

(Ch. Classique's Play It Again Amen  x  Chillybleak Southbound)

Bred by Jeannine Biddle, Kai Den Labradors


DOB 4/6/93  -  Died 8/23/07

OFA hips good, Eyes CERF annually


A special girl who will always have a special spot in my heart



My Belle ...

You were a star, the bright light in my life and in everyone's life who met you.  You had SO many friends across the country.  You were welcome everywhere, in anybody's house.  All who met you ... friends, judges, handlers ... knew you were very special, most of all me, my Belle.

Everything you did, you did in a big way!  When you went Winners Bitch at the National, oh MY GOD!  I wish I had been there to hug you.  When you went Best In Specialty Show at Raleigh ... what a thrill you gave me that day!!!  I think of the placements you won at specialties, in SPITE of my handling.  You could not be denied.

While training for your Junior Hunt title, you ran so hard and fast through a ditch that you broke your elbow at 13 months of age.  You limped for a couple days, but never let me know how bad it was until you were 8 years old!  Then you went 4 for 4 getting that JH with near perfect scores.  There was never a bumper that you didn't bring me ... if it was in reach.

You were my co-pilot, riding wherever I went.  It hurt SO bad when I had to stop taking you along ... it still hurts.  You never did like staying in a kennel run and would climb up a six-foot high run, jump over and meet me at the door!  I know you paid for that as you got older though, with arthritis throughout your body.  You were so stoic for 14 1/2 years, STILL trying to jump in the truck to the end.  Amazing.

I will always remember you swimming for hours on end, "chasing bubbles", making splashes with your front feet and trying to grab them with your mouth.  You were the BEST when we went shrimping for five days, taking everything in stride, chasing crabs on the deck, happy to be doing whatever I was doing.  I remember you sledding in the snow, throwing your shoulder down hill and sliding down on your side ... then rolling gleefully, getting up and going back up the hill to do it again.

You were the BEST mentor to new pups or dogs that came to the house, patiently putting up with their antics but, firmly but ever so gently, correcting when necessary.  I trusted you to baby sit anybody.

Belle, you will always be THE BEST.  No one will ever take your place.  You sit on my headboard and look over me as I sleep and you still go with me wherever I go.  I still cry for MY loss and will always miss you.  Thank you for being my friend, my love and my heart.  You made me a better person.

I love you, Belle ...






Belle at 14 years ... Goodbye, my love



What ya' doing, grandma???


Belle in August 2007 at 14 years of age




Belle took a Group 3 - May 2000


Another Group 3 at Fayetteville - November 1999


BOB at the 1999 RDLRC specialty



Belle takes an JAM at the MJLRC specialty



Belle in Open at the 1995 RDLRC specialty


Belle was generous with kisses and loved children!





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