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Briarglen's Running On Faith JH (ylw)



Sire:  "Homer"


FC Fishriver's Out Of The Park


OFA hips excellent

OFA elbows normal

Eyes ACVO clear

EIC clear

CNM clear

FC/AFC Esprit's Power Play

Esprit's Out Of The Woods Tiger

FC/AFC Code Blue

FC/AFC Fishtrap Debbie Does Ducks

FC/AFC Scan's In The Nick Of Time

FC/AFC Sky Watch Scanner

Goose Down Hannah Honey, MH

Waterstrikes Maple Creek Blitz

2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac

CNFC CNAFC Waldorfs High Tech

Ebonacea Princess WCX

FC/AFC/CFC Cody's Caraway Kate

FC/AFC Cody's Mark'n Dandy

CFC Nilak Caraway  
Dam:  "Cara"

Ch. Briarglen's Celtic Caper, SH, WCI

Has 3 MH legs too!

OFA hips good
OFA elbows normal
Eyes ACVO clear
Cardiac clearance (echo)
Optigen Normal by Parentage
EIC clear
CNM clear
Ch. Lockbriar Journey O'Briarglen, JH, WCI Ch Caer Bren Mr. Pickwick JH BISS Ch Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall JH  
Ch Allegeny's Crystal JH WCX  
Ch Lockbriar Brigid O'Briarglen BISS Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall JH  
Briarglen Lee's Miss Murphy  
Ch. Briarglen's Laurier, JH, WCI Can Ch Wiscoy Tormentil Sloan BISS Ch Dickendall Arnold  
Ch Wiscoys Say Goodnight Gracie  
Ch Briarglen's London of Wellington CD Ch Blumoon Dubh Tarrant O'Kerry WC  
Briarglen's Lady of Wellington  



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